What should I do when one of the following messages appears on the screen or I cannot access the internet? (Mobile Wi-Fi with screen)

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A1. PIN Required

·Please refer to How to log in the management interface of 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi? (new logo) to log in to the web management page. Enter the PIN according to your mobile carrier, and click Done.

A2. No SIM Card

· Power off the Mobile Wi-Fi and reinstall the SIM card.

A3. No Service

· Verify that your SIM card is an LTE, WCDMA or GSM SIM card;

· Verify that your SIM card is in your carrier’s service area and has sufficient credit;

· Verify that your carrier parameters are correct:

On your phone, log in to the web management page, and go to Dial-up > View profile details to verify if APN (Access Point Name), Username and Password are correct. If they are not, return to the Dial-up page and create a new profile with the correct information. Then click Done and confirm at the prompt.

A4. R icon

· From the Menu screen, go to Data Roaming and turn on Data Roaming

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