How to configure Parental Controls on TL-MR3020 (Router mode--new logo)

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I want to: Control the times of day my children or other home network users are allowed to access the Internet and even types of websites they can visit.

For example, I want to allow my children’s devices (e.g. a computer or a tablet) to access only and from 18:00 (6PM) to 22:00 (10PM) at the weekend and not other times.

Here takes TL-MR3020 for demonstration.

Parental Controls can only be set up after the product has been successfully configure as a 3G/4G router, wireless router or WISP client router.

1. Follow the instructions below to configure the router.

How to configure 3G/4G Router Mode on TL-MR3020 (new logo)?

How to configure Wireless Router Mode on TL-MR3020 (new logo)?

How to configure WISP Client Router Mode on TL-MR3020 (new logo)?

2. Go to Advanced > Parental Controls and enable Parental Controls.

3. Click Add. And then Click Scan, and select the access device. Or, input the Device Name and MAC Address manually.

4. Click the icon to set the Internet Access Time. Drag the cursor over the appropriate cell(s) and click OK.

Note: Parental Controls takes effect based on the router system time. Please make sure you have configured the system time correctly. You can refer to

How to set up System Time on TL-MR3020 (new logo)?

5. Enter a Description for the entry, tick the Enable This Entry checkbox, and then click OK.

6. Select Whitelist as the restriction policy.


• With Blacklist selected, the controlled devices cannot access any websites containing the specified keywords during the Internet Access Time period.

• With Whitelist selected, the controlled devices can only access websites containing the specified keywords during the Internet Access Time period.

7. Click . Enter a website and click Save.

You can add up to 32 keywords for either Blacklist or Whitelist. Below are some sample entries to allow access.

For Whitelist: Enter a web address (e.g. to allow access only to its related websites. If you wish to block all Internet browsing access, do not add any keyword to the Whitelist.

For Blacklist: Specify a web address (e.g., a web address keyword (e.g. wikipedia) or a domain suffix (eg. .edu or .org) to block access only to the websites containing that keyword or suffix.

Done! Now you can control your children’s Internet access as needed.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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