How can I set up Deco with an existing modem?

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There are three kinds of modems.
1) A DSL modem has an RJ11 jack to connect to a standard telephone line.
2) A cable modem delivers broadband internet access via a coaxial cable.
3) A combo router is a combination of a modem and a router.
Usually, Deco works well with the three kinds of modems.

If you have a DSL or cable modem, Deco will detect the connection type automatically during the setup process and prompt you if the input (username & password) is necessary. If you don’t know this information, contact your ISP.

Here are several frequently asked questions.

Q1: Can Deco work without a modem?
Deco is an internet-sharing device and can’t provide the internet itself.
If you don’t have a modem but are able to access the internet directly through an Ethernet jack on the wall, then Deco can be wired to the Ethernet jack and then share the internet with the clients after the configuration is completed.

Q2: How to set up my Deco with an existing modem?
Here is the setup video

Please click the corresponding link to troubleshoot if you fail to configure the Deco.
Main Deco: Fail to setup main Deco

Satellite Deco: Fail to setup the Satellite Deco

If you need more help, it’s suggested to contact TP-Link support.

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