How to build a Wireless Network for Park using TP-Link products

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With the popularity of smart phone and wireless terminal devices, people are becoming increasingly dependent on wireless networks. For the scenic spots such as parks, to build a wireless network system and provide Wi-Fi all around is attractive to tourists. Most scenic spots are outdoor scenarios where the traditional access points can’t meet the deployment requirements. So we need specialist outdoor access points for deployment.

What are the basic needs of the wireless network for parks?

Normally, a wireless network for park should meet the following needs:

  1. The population distribution in scenic spots is always non-uniform and changeable. During the outdoor Wi-Fi deployment, we need to make a plan for the amount and location of AP installation by considering both of the client devices’ distribution and density.
  2. The outdoor access points are always exposed to harsh outdoor environment, so they need to support lighting, water and dust prevention to some degree.
  3. The outdoor access points need to support PoE power supply which is more convenient and flexible in outdoor AP deployment.
  4. The outdoor access points need to support unified management, configuration, and real-time monitoring, which is easier for us to manage them centrally.

What kind of solution can meet the needs of the wireless network for parks?

Here we provide a full solution including the network topology, product features and parameters.

  1. In this case, we choose CPE210 as access point for Wi-Fi deployment;
  2. All the areas where need wireless networks can be divided into three parts: Lake Road, Rest Area and Mid-lake Island;
  3. Lake Road is relatively long and narrow, and AP’s installation location is based on the distance and landform. Lake Road mainly uses AP1,2,3,4,5 for Wi-Fi coverage;
  4. Rest Area is a densely populated place, so we need to deploy several APs in this area relatively densely. As shown below, rest area mainly uses AP5,6,7 for Wi-Fi coverage;
  5. Mid-lake Island mainly uses AP2,7 for Wi-Fi coverage;
  6. Set adjacent APs to different non-overlap channels to decrease wireless interference; So here AP1,4,7 use channel 1, AP2,5 use channel 6, and AP3,6 use channel 11;

Installation Schematic Diagram

What are the highlights of this solution?

  • High adaptability

Outdoor AP’s shell material is durable outdoor ASA material, CPE uses IPX5 waterproof and dustproof enclosure which support 15KV ESD Protection and 6KV Lightning Protection and it’s adaptive to different harsh environment.

  • Easy deployment

Support up to 60m passive PoE as power supply method, which is more convenient and flexible in outdoor AP deployment.

  • Abundant features

Pharos WEB management interface provides abundant software functions. It supports different operation modes including AP, AP Client, Bridge, Repeater, AP Client Router and AP Router. Frequency spectrum analysis and linear adjustment of transmitting power are also supported. Besides, on the WEB management interface, we can centrally monitor the system resources status, wireless signal strength, throughput, wireless clients status, etc.

  • Easy management

CPE devices can be centrally managed by Pharos Control software, which will decrease the management workload significantly.

Which product should I choose to build this network?



Brief Introduction

Cost effective solution


150M wireless speed; Durable outdoor waterproof shell; Adaptive to different harsh environment; Support up to 60m Passive PoE power supply; Working at 2.4GHz.


12dBi 2.4GHz outdoor omnidirectional antenna, adaptive to different harsh environment; Can cooperate with outdoor AP TL-WA7210N to realize omni-directional wireless coverage.

High performance solution


300M wireless speed; Built-in high gain Dual-polarized Directional Antenna; Durable outdoor waterproof shell, so adaptive to different harsh environment; Support up to 60m Passive PoE power supply; Frequency spectrum analysis, and can be centrally managed by Pharos Control software; Working at 2.4GHz.

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