Как настроить динамический и статический IP‑адреса на Wi-Fi роутере TP-Link для работы с кабельным/оптоволоконным модемом? (Новый синий интерфейс).

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 This FAQ is suitable for the users who already have a Cable/Fiber Modem or community network and want to share the Internet connection. If you are using a DSL Modem, please ignore the article, and refer to How to install the TP-Link Wi-Fi router to work with a DSL Modem?


Step 1:  Preparation

 Note: Make certain you do have internet access directly via your modem or community network.

Step 2: Connect your Network

Take C8 as an example. If there is no modem, regard your internet source as a modem, like an ethernet cable through a wall.

(1) Turn off your Cable modem, C8 and computer.

(2) Connect the WAN port of C8 to the Cable modem with Ethernet cable.

(3) Connect your computer to any of the LAN ports (yellow one) of C8

(4) Power on C8 and computer. Don’t power on the modem before logging into the router.



Step 3 Log in to the C8’s web management page 


Step 4

Power on the cable modem.


Step 5

After logging into the router, you will see Quick Setup→choose the Region and Time Zone→Next.


Step 6

Wan Connection Type choose"Dynamic IP"→Next.

Click Clone MAC Address to clone your PC’s MAC address to WAN MAC Address of the router→Next.

Note:If your ISP provides Static IP,the WAN Connection Type you may choose Static IP and put in the specific IP information from your ISP→Next.

Step 7

Customize your own wireless network names and passwords for wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz→Next.


Step 8

Click Save to save the settings.




Step 9

Click Test Internet Connection.If it is configured successfully, you will see the message Success,then click Finish to close the Quick Setup.



If the test is failed,please go Back to confirm the settings and try again.

Moreover, connect your computer directly to your modem and see whether you have internet access.


Step 10

Power cycle the cable modem and router

After the configurations, powering cycle your network can make your network work more stable.

(1)Turn the cable modem off firstly, then turn your router and computer off, and leave them off for about 2 minutes;
(2)Turn the router on firstly and wait about 1 minute, and then power on your computer.
(3)Turn the cable modem on, and wait till the modem works stable (All LED lights work normally).
(4)Repeat the steps 1-3 above until you connect to the Internet.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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