How to Block an illegal client with Certain IP address from getting access to the network using TP-Link Managed Switches

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Suitable for: TP-Link Smart Switch and L2/L2+/L3 managed switches

Network requirement:

In the network,we want to block the illegal Client whose IP address is from getting access to the network,but we do not know which port this illegal client is connecting to the Switch.



Here is one way to configure an extend-ACL rule on TP-Link switch to block the illegal client from getting access to the Local Area Network and the Internet through Gateway Router.In this example,we use TL-SG3424 V1.0 to do Web configuration and CLI configuration.


Web configuration:


Step 1. ACL Config

Create Extend ACL ID ranging from 200 to 299.


In Extend-IP ACL,select the ACL ID created in Step 1,create a Rule with the following parameters:


“S-IP”= “Mask”=;


Step 2. Policy Config

In “Policy Config”-”Policy Create”,create an Policy Name,like “block”


Selecting the policy name and ACL ID and click on “Create” to create an Action.


Step3.Policy Binding

Selecting the Policy “block”,the rule will be effective on all of the 24 ports,so for the port range,you should fill in “1-24”.Then click on “Bind”



So far you have finished the Web configuration on TL-SG3424,if you think it is too low to use Web,here is the Command if you want to configure the switch by console or telnet or ssh.


CLI Configuration:





TL-SG3424(config)#access-list create 200

TL-SG3424(config)#access-list extended 200 rule 1 deny sip smask

TL-SG3424(config)#access-list policy name block

TL-SG3424(config)#access-list policy action block 200


TL-SG3424(config)#interface range gigabitEthernet 1/0/1-24

TL-SG3424(config-if-range)#access-list bind block


Verification for the experiment:


Here is the IP parameters of the illegal PC,we use ping command to test if this PC can successfully ping the Internet Gateway Router whose IP address is



This “Request time out” proved that the ACL rule has taken effect on TL-SG3424 to block the illegal client whose IP address is from getting access to the network.



Note:After the configuration above,Neither the Internet Nor the FTP Server can be visited by

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