How to install Plug-in on my Mac Book in TP-Link cloud website

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Updated 06-28-2022 07:55:48 AM 69257
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Note:This FAQ is suitable for all TP-Link cloud cameras including NC200,NC210,NC220, NC230,NC250 and so on. Here we take NC200 as example.

Recently, the TP-Link cloud website has been changed to Flash Plug-in, which has a good compatibility with MAC OS.

If it’s the first time to view your camera’s video in our cloud website (, there will be a prompt in the page for you to trust “IP Camera H.264 Plug-in”, then click Trust and refresh the page, you will be able to view the video in our cloud website.



You can see the Plug-in in Safari Preference>>Security setting:


Click Plug-in Settings to view the status of “IP Camera H.264 Plug-in”:


You can change the status of IP Camera H.264 Plug-in into Allow Always mode.

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