How to Use Parent Control on Archer D7, Archer D5

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Applicable to firmware version of Archer D7 on 140624, Archer D5 on 141222 and later published firmware.
Parent Control feature can be used to control the internet activities of the child PC, limit its access to certain websites during a specified period of time.
Please follow the steps below to configure Parent Control on Archer D7 as an example.
Step 1
Log in to the modem’s web-management page:
Please open a web-browser and type the default access address in the address field of the browser. And then use “admin” both for the username and password to sign in, like below:
For how to find the default access address please click here.
If you cannot open this page, please click here for more instruction.
Step 2:
Parent Control settings
Note: The Schedule is based on the time of the Router. Please go to "System Tools -> “Time Settings" to check if the time settings is synchronized.
1). Enable parent controlOn the left-hand side main menu, click on Parent Control to open settings page, and Check “Enable parent control”.
2). Set up the MAC address of child PC. Add the MAC address of the computers that you want to control in the boxes below. You can add no more than 4 MAC addresses of the child PC.
Tips: If child PC is in current LAN, you can find MAC address of child PC on the drop-down list of All MAC Address in Current Lan, click it, then choose the correct MAC address number listed under “Copy to”.
3). Set up the schedule. Let take the settings of the schedule below as an example:
Note: If NO allowed schedule is set all devices under Parent Control will have NO Internet access.
4). Set up the allowed website if necessary.
Click Add button to add the URL you allow the child PC under your control to visit. If you want to delete the URL you have added, choose it and then click Delete Selected button.
Step 3:
Save the settings, and check if Parent Control is functioning.
The whole step 2 leads to the following result:
Child PC with MAC addresses of 8C:89:A5:9A:F8:F7 and E8:DE:27:D3:41:B1 are allowed to access the mere two websites, Yahoo and Wikipedia on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, during 18:00—21:00.
Check if your specific settings work properly.
Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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