How to Setup DDNS (No-IP) on TP-Link Wireless Router

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Updated 06-29-2022 02:02:07 AM 336844
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Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) is useful for your own website, FTP server or other server behind the router.

This article illustrates you how to assign a fixed host/domain name to a dynamic Internet IP address. To setup DDNS No-IP with TP-Link 11n routers, please refer to the following steps:
Step 1
Login the web management page. If you are not sure about how to do this, please click here.
Step 2
Go to Dynamic DNS. The page will be shown like below.
Situation 1
If you DO have account from, please go to Step 11
Situation 2
If you DO NOT have account from, please follow Step3 to Step10 to create a new account first.
Step 3
Click on Go to register and you will be redirected to
Step 4
Choose No-IP Free.
Step 5
Type in an E-mail address and click the button Sign Up Now to proceed to the next registration phase. Make sure the E-mail is usable. No-IP will send a confirmation mail to this mail address.
Step 6
Type in the required information (all fields are required) to create a new account.
Step 7
No-IP will send a confirmation mail to your email box which contains an activation link. Go to your mail box and check the mail.
Step 8
After click the activation link you will be able to login use your username and password.
Step 9
After login in choose Add a Host.
Step 10
You can then choose a DDNS domain you like from the drop-down list. For example you can choose In the text field you may enter a name you feel easy to remember.
Step 11

After got a DDNS domain name and account, you can go to the router’s web management page to configure DDNS. After click Login button you will see Connection Status becomes successful.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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