Why is a device displayed as an unknown device on the Deco app?

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Recently, we have received feedback from customers that some unknown devices will appear on the Devices list in the Deco app, and they're concerned about the network security. Don't worry, it's probably related to the Wi-Fi settings of the client devices.

Generally speaking, the Deco system identifies the connected devices through their hostname or MAC address (unique physical address). However, for privacy and security purpose, devices with iOS 14, Android 10, Windows 10, and later versions, have released a new feature called Private Address or Random Address, which will use a random and unrecognizable MAC address to connect to the Deco network. In this case, the Deco system cannot identify them and will display them as unknown devices.

Here we have some suggestions for you to avoid this problem.

1. Disable the Private Address or Random Address feature on the client devices.

1) For devices with iOS 14 or later versions: Please refer to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211227 .

2) For devices with Android 10 or later versions: Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Connect to deco’s Wi-Fi -> Tap the gear icon next to the current Wi-Fi connection -> Advanced -> Privacy -> Use device MAC.

3) For devices with Windows 10 or later versions: Please refer to the link below and turn off “Random hardware address”.


2. Rename the unknown devices

If you don't want to disable the Private Address or Random Address feature, you could reconnect your devices one by one to the Deco network, and rename them in the Deco app. However, since the Private Address or Random Address feature will change the Wi-Fi address periodically, these devices will display as unknown devices again after their Wi-Fi address changed.

3. Block the truly unknown devices

If you confirm a specific device is not a known device on your network, you can add it to the deny list to protect your network security.

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