Is the Signal Source for Satellite Decos Selectable on the Deco App?

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Updated 06-25-2023 16:15:15 PM 67998
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Currently, only a few Deco models such as Deco M5 supports to select a preferred signal source, please refer to How to select a preferred signal source on the Deco App.

For other models which don’t support it now, please keep an eye on firmware upgrades.

Why does the satellite Deco still keep selecting the main Deco as a signal source instead of another satellite Deco?

Deco will choose the best signal source by itself. The selection does not depend absolutely on the signal strength, but also on the connection rate.

In some cases, you may see the satellite Deco selected the main Deco instead of the nearer satellite Deco as a signal source when you see near satellite Deco also with good signal strength. For example, there are 3 Deco units, the Satellite Deco Unit B’s signal source is Main Deco, instead of Satellite Deco A, even the unit Satellite B is straightly closer to Satellite A.

That is because the satellite Deco may get slower speed due to half-duplex mode and interferences caused by connected devices like phones, or other devices. To ensure the satellite Deco gets reliable speed, the Main Deco stays selected by Satellite Deco after a comparative analysis. This auto-selection way built-in all Deco units.

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