Why is my transaction declined when subscribing to a Kasa Care plan

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Card transactions may be declined by the bank for a number of reasons. Since we are unable to get the specific reason of the decline. We encourage you to contact the bank issuing your credit card in order to investigate and resolve the issue.

Here are some possible declined reasons:


1. The issuing bank has a temporary hold on the card
This message is a default bank-generated error regarding your credit card. It can relate to a number of issues including Internet and/or overseas purchasing restrictions on your card, incorrect card info or insufficient funds, etc. 


2. Insufficient funds or credit limit exceeded


3. Incorrect card Info or incorrect billing info

Please double-check your card information and billing info to ensure it’s correct.


4. Unstable Internet connection or processing error
Please try again later.


5. Overseas purchasing restrictions on your card. 
It is suggested to check with the bank if the card is authorized to be used in Hong Kong or cross-border transaction (Our account is in Hong Kong)


6. An expired or deactivated credit card
Trying to use an expired card or a deactivated account will nearly always result in having your transaction declined.

7. A two-step validation is required
Please check with the bank if a second verification must be required when payment is made. Please try turn off the 3D secure feature for the card to give it a try.


Still, acting up? Let us know by responding to this topic, please try to describe the symptoms in as much detail as possible.




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