How to use offset and fade rate feature when schedule sunrise and sunset in Kasa app

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Feature Description:

Sunset/Sunrise Offset

With the sunset/sunrise offset feature we can turn on/off the Kasa smart devices several minutes before or after sunset/sunrise.

Fade Rate

Fade rate feature allows you to select how long you would like your lights to fade in or fade out after your schedule starts.

How Can I Setup Sunset/Sunrise Offset and Fade rate?

I want to make my Kasa bulb to turn on 5 minutes before sunset on weekends with a fade rate as 30seconds. Please follow the following steps to achieve that:

1.      Click on Schedule option to get access to schedule rule page and tap on “+” to add a schedule rule:


2.      Set up the Action as Turn on;

(Note: only smart devices support Preset feature has ‘Use a Preset’ option)

Choose Time as Sunset and slide the time to 5 minutes before;

Tap on Fade to access to the Fade Rate select page, choose the fade rate as 30 seconds and go back to the previous page;

Choose Repeat with Sunday and Saturday and hit on Save on the right topper corner

What kind of devices supports Sunset/Sunrise Offset and Fade rate?

Note: you need to wait for the new firmware update to use those two new features, and the new firmware would release within this year in succession. Please pay close attention to the firmware update notification on your Kasa app.

For Sunset/Sunrise Offset:

A: The following devices would support offsets feature:

Smart plugs:

HS100 v2 or above

HS110 v2 or above

HS103; HS105; HS107

KP100; KP200; KP400

Smart lights:

LB/KL1xx series

LB2xx series



Smart switches:

HS200 v2 or above



Note: The hardware version mentioned above refers to the hardware version displayed in the Kasa APP. Devices displayed as V1 in the APP won't support the offset function. 

For Fade Rate:

A: All of the dimmable devices support the fade on/off speed feature and the device models would be as follows:

Smart lights:

LB/KL1xx series

LB2xx series

KL50; KL60

Smart Switches



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