How to unbind cloud account with devices in mobile App

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Before we begin:

You could unbind the cloud account by removing your devices on the corresponding app. For NC series cameras, you can use the tpCamera app to remove the device, and for smart home products, you can use the Kasa app to remove the device.

Note: Once the device is removed from the app, the device would be reset to the factory default settings by default, and you need to reconfigure it from the very beginning if you want to control the device on the app again.

Using an HS110 as an example in Kasa App.

Option 1: Press and hold the device on the screen and you will see the “-” option.

Option 2: Tap “Remove Device” at the bottom of the Device Settings page.

Using an NC450 as an example in tpCamera App.

Tap the icon of gear to enter the Camera settings page, then you can tap “Remove Camera” at the bottom to remove the camera from your cloud account.

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