How to Configure Dual-link Backup Function on TP-Link CAP/AC Serial Products

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As illustrated in the topology below, we have two pieces of AC500 in network to manage the CAPs. AC500 on the left side is marked as AC500_1 while AC500 on the right side is marked as AC500_2.

This document will introduce how to configure Dual-link Back function on TP-Link CAP/AC serial products with one configuration instance in which we set AC500_2 with a higher priority than AC500_1. In this situation, AC500_2 works as the primary AC controller for CAPs in network while AC500_1 works as the backup AC controller. If primary AC controller AC500_2 fails, backup AC controller AC500_1 will be activated to make sure whole network continually working normally.

Step 1.On AC500_1, please enable link backup, set a lower priority value and input the IP address of AC500_2 (peer address).

Step 2.On AC500_2, please enable link backup, set a higher priority value and input the IP address of AC500_1 (peer address).

Step 3.After the configuration, the CAPs in the master link will reboot, and then the connection between the AC and CAP will rebuild. After that you will find CAPs in AC500_2’s “AP Status” page and its Link Status is Master Link, which means AC500_2 is the primary AC controller and the CAPs are managed by it while AC500_1 works as the backup AC controller.


1. After configuring Dual-link Backup function and you find there is CAP that cannot be discovered by either of the ACs, please reboot the CAP manually.

2. Only the AC Controllers with the same model can use the Link Backup function together.

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