How to build a Network for LAN-LAN Wireless Connection using tp-link products

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In the construction of enterprise network, it’s normal that each department locates in the different buildings. Limited by geography, interconnecting these buildings would cost a lot. For this case, we can consider using TP-LINK Pharos series products to build up a wireless link between two locations. In this way, all departments are able to communicate and share resources with each other.

What are the basic needs of the network for LAN-LAN wireless connection?

Normally, a network for LAN-LAN wireless connection should meet the following needs:

  1. Wireless link should be fast and stable for normally visiting intranet and internet.
  2. Provide information security; there is no access to network without permission.
  3. Different departments possess different access permission.
  4. All departments share the same internet egress and server group.

What kind of solution can meet the needs of the LAN-LAN wireless network?

Here we provide a full solution including the network topology, product features and parameters.


What are the highlights of this solution?

  • Cost down

Apply P2P wireless connection, unnecessary to deploy Ethernet cable.

  • Good-looking, easy to install

Unique shape design, harmonious with the environment.

Assorted installation ribbon, pole mounting, easy and flexible

Support 60m Passive PoE, no external power supply needed.

  • Waterproof and dustproof design, high durability

Passe international IPX5 certificate, survives in bad climate, no external protecting equipment needed

  • Stable connection with high transmission speed

Support 802.11n,with maximum transmit rate of 300Mbps

Operate in clean 5GHz frequency segment, less interference, more stable link

Note: Wireless performance depends on distance and environment, and practical throughput is subject to real field test.

  • Centralized management, remote monitoring

Adopt Pharos Control central management utility, characteristic Schedule Tasks and Event Notification functions, useful for remote management even the user is behind a NAT device

  • Controlled wireless access, provide high level of information security

Support multiple authentications such as WPA/WPA2-PSK、WPA-Enterprise、MAC Authentication

SSID suppressible to provide higher level of security

Unique MAXtream Protocol, non-Pharos devices couldn’t join the network

  • Interconnection among all departments, each department get different access permission

All departments are able to communicate with each other and share intranet and internet resources

Support transfer VLAN, retain different access permission for intranet resources

Which product should I choose to build the wireless LAN-LAN network?

Here is a list which includes the TP-LINK devices for reference:



Brief Introduction

Cost effective solution


Built-in high gain dual polarization antennas, suitable for small and medium size wireless transmission, with maximum distance up to 15km+

High performance solution


Built-in high gain dual polarization antennas

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