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What LED light strips can do for you?

By TP-Link Editorial Group

With a Tapo Smart LED Light Strip, you can create an immersive ambiance to your home with rich color patterns and brilliant lighting effects. The vivid hues will always go beyond your imagination.

1. Vibrant Holiday/Christmas Lights

Tapo Light Strip can display multiple colors. You can adjust the brightness, color, and lighting effects to create the atmosphere you want for any event or holiday.

The holiday season is coming. You can wrap the light strip around a Christmas tree, hang in a stairwell, or install outdoors to fill your winter with warmth and romance.

2. Customizable Modes for Different Moods

Pick from over a dozen animated lighting effects from soothing “Raindrop” to the dazzling “Rainbow.” Set the mood whether you are watching a movie, gaming, or just relaxing. Create your scenes however you wish.

3. Sync to Music

Tapo Light Strip captures the music going around it, syncing to the frequency and the beat. Keep pace with the rhythm and stir up all your senses at a party. Let the light dance with sound and instantly turn your room into a nightclub or a home theater. Experience customized lighting effects corresponding to what is happening in a game.

4. Increased Vitality for Streamers

Want to be a YouTuber or Twitch streamer? Fill your studio with expressive lighting to enrich the scene and delight your followers.

5. A Must-Have for Campers

Tapo Light Strips present an opportunity to flex your creativity among nature. With an easy set-up, it’s simple to change the position for every outdoor party.

6. Voice Control

Control the Tapo Light Strip hands-free with a compatible smart assistant. Turn it on and off, and change brightness/colors with just your voice.

7. Automation

Let the Tapo Light Strip guide you through the night. Connect to a Tapo sensor and glow softly as you get up in the night. It will turn itself off after a short period without disturbing others.

DIY holiday lights, set the mood, create home theater lighting effects, or enjoy some illumination under your kitchen cabinets—There are many things that Tapo Light Strip can do. Start with a Tapo Light Strip to achieve various lighting goals and smart lighting.

TP-Link Editorial Group

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