TP-Link Switches for
Wall-to-Wall WiFi and More

For small and medium-sized businesses, a network switch is the fundamental component for building a business network. It provides the means for employees to communicate and share information within a local area network (LAN), supporting your business networking needs and boosting productivity.

Networking Dilemmas Faced by SMBs

Poor WiFi Experience

In an SMB, good, secure WiFi keeps employees productive and customers happy. Consumer-grade networking equipment cannot meet the demands of various office devices, leading to slower internet speeds and network congestion.

Lack of IT Resources

Monitoring, visiting, and troubleshooting remote office networks requires a great deal of time and high costs. SMBs usually face issues of limited IT expertise and budget constraints, making a featured solution with easy setup and rich management ideal for them.

Too Costly and Complicated

Deploying network devices into remote places where there are no power outlets often requires extensive investment, complex power line configuration, and high system layout costs.

Worries About Security Issues

Business-critical data like voice, video, and cloud applications require enhanced network security against data breaches and hacks. Businesses must always work to keep their network safe from internal and external threats.

Why TP-Link Switches

With the accumulated experiences of SMB networking, TP-Link offers an extensive portfolio of network switches with abundant functions and flexible options for every stage of your business growth.

Retail Solution Topology

High-Speed Wired LAN Network

Equipped with 1G / 2.5G / 10G Ethernet ports, TP-link switches provide high-speed and stable connections for fixed devices like APs, IP cameras, and VoIP to meet the demands of most common business scenarios.

Manage with Ease

Various management methods are provided, such as intuitive Web UI, app, and CLI, to create a customized network. With these tools, users can easily set up and gain full control of their network.

Abundant Security Strategies

TP-Link switches feature IP-MAC-Port-VLAN Binding, 802.1X Authentication, ARP Inspection, and IP Source Guard to safeguard an enterprise network's various files and sensitive information robust, reliable security.

Lower Your Costs

TP-Link Switches offer high performance for APs at a more affordable price point. Power over Ethernet (PoE) support means lowers construction costs than necessary for traditional complex cables.

How to Select the Right One?

There are five crucial elements to consider before selecting a switch:

  • Number of Ports

    How many devices do you need to connect to your network?

    Make sure you select a switch with enough ports to connect all your devices on your LAN. If your business is at the rapid growth phase, select a switch with abundant network capacity to grow with your demands.

  • Port Speeds

    How much bandwidth do you need to keep your business running?

    Picking switches with Multi-Gigabit/Gigabit ports ensures high-speed data transfers between the switch and the ceiling mounted access point so your team benefits from the fastest available wireless speeds.

  • Power over Ethernet

    Do you need the capability to power devices?

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports eliminate the need to install and operate separate electrical and network wiring for your devices. PoE offers you the flexibility of installing devices in remote and hard-to-reach areas such as high ceilings while helping you save on infrastructure costs.

  • Management Functions

    Does your application require a managed switch?

    If you have the following needs, you might require a managed switch:
    (1) Controlling network accesses between departments;
    (2) Prioritizing important applications in your LAN;
    (3) Monitoring and troubleshooting the network status;
    (4) Controlling the whole network from different sites remotely…

  • Port Security

    Do you worry about the leakage of business-critical data?

    Security for fixed location devices like access points should not be overlooked when considering the overall integrity of your network. MAC Binding is one of the most efficient ways to prevent rogue devices from connecting to your network; it effectively locks a specific device to a single port on your switch. In other words, if someone unplugs an access point and tries to connect a laptop, the port will shut down because the MAC address has changed so keep unauthorized devices off of the network.

Powerful Support

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TP-Link’s success as a provider of network solutions has been built on its relationship and unrivalled commitment to its partners. For Value-added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators (SIs) looking for access to even better deals and tailored support, TP-Link has designed the TP-Link Partner Program to help grow business.

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