Deco PX50: The Ideal Mesh Networking Solution for Thick Walls

    Ever thought about setting up a mesh network? If not, you should. They improve virtually every aspect of a home network, including speed, efficiency, and capacity. Tons of customers in the past few years have already opted in.

    Before you break out the wallet, mesh networks are not a silver bullet that will solve all your networking problems. When it comes to thick walls, even the strongest wireless signals can be weakened.

    For gaps in WiFi coverage, there are normally two ways to fill them. The most popular approach is using a WiFi extender to eliminate dead zones, and the alternative is powerline networking technology that moves data over your household’s existing electrical wiring. Each solution has its pros and cons. The ultimate answer, however, lies in combining the two.

    This is where Deco PX50 comes in. Armed with WiFi 6 and powerline technology, Deco PX50 provides an ideal mesh networking solution for penetrating through solid materials.

    The beauty of Deco PX50 is how it mixes mesh and powerline technology to create a hybrid device, which not only covers WiFi dead zones but also transmits data signals farther.

    Featuring both TP-Link Mesh technology and WiFi 6, Deco PX50 offers great connectivity. Come home to a virtually flawless smart home experience. Whether you’re streaming, downloading, torrenting, or exploring VR/AR, there’s always more than enough bandwidth for everyone.

    At the same time, Deco PX50 is armed with, the newest powerline technology, which delivers superior high-speed data up to 1428 Mbps. With the next-gen standard, Deco PX50 offers reliable long-range transmission, which expands Ethernet connectivity, increases data connectivity, and extends WiFi to hard-to-reach locations.

    With TP-Link’s powerline technology, there’s no need for drilling or wire installation. You can turn your home’s electrical wiring into a high-speed network with ease. You can send your music, photos, video, and computer data over your household’s existing electrical wiring as if they were Ethernet cables, and all you need is an AC outlet at each end.

    Besides all the basic features, Deco X50 is also equipped with a lot of advanced features to meet the future needs of smart home users.

    Equipped with AI-Driven Mesh technology, Deco PX50 automatically learns and adapts itself from experience. This provides the ideal mesh WiFi unique to your home and network environment.

    Parental controls allow you to block websites that are not suitable for children. You can also monitor what your child is doing on their computer using this device’s built-in tracking system, which will allow you to protect them from any harm or exposure before it’s too late.

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