VIGI Cameras as Reliable Townhouse Guardians in Thailand


Name: K.Sombul

Industry: Accommodation

Capacity: Townhouse (3 Floors)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Used Products

•2× VIGI C300HP

• 2× VIGI C400HP

• 1× VIGI NVR1008H

• 1× TL-SF1006P



Located in Bangkok, Pruksa offers quality accommodation and private space, including single townhouses, condominiums, and individual detached houses.


The residential community has 3 floors with a garage and a long, narrow outdoor lawn. Pruska wanted to consolidate its safety measures by establishing a comfortable and reliable surveillance system for its guests that supports existing security personnel. TP-Link provided a customized VIGI-centric solution to meet their requirements:



  • 24-hr high-quality monitoring with clear images
  • VIGI cameras provide 3MP resolution to view every detail.
  • More than high definition, VIGI SmartVid technology intelligently enhances images day and night, including WDR, 3D DNR, and Smart IR.
  • Simple and easy management methods for non-professional users
  • VIGI cameras and NVR provides centralized management on laptops and mobile phones with dedicated VIGI Security Manger and apps.
  • All the management methods provide graphic user interfaces and friendly instructions.
  • Remote Monitoring ensures the security when authorized personnel are away.
  • Minimal wiring would maintain a high-quality architectural layout and design
  • Installation and deployment should be finished in a short time with lower costs
  • Ethernet cables transmit data and power up VIGI PoE cameras in conjunction with TP-Link PoE switch for surveillance at the same time.
  • VIGI bullet and turret cameras with compact design support quick installation, both on the wall and ceiling.
  • VIGI has provided professional services, including site survey, product supply, and deployment.
  • Network bandwidth is limited for surveillance
  • It is also necessary to maintain the video quality
  • VIGI smart video coding technology (H.265+/H.264+) compresses the video size without sacrificing video quality, easing the network load.




Device Deployment

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