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What is EasyMesh?

By TP-Link Editorial Group

Nowadays, everybody stays glued to their smartphones. And to stay under their data limits, people often turn to their home WiFi.
Not surprising, really. There are so many smart devices already located in every corner of a home. It’s only natural to use WiFi to control them. But how do you guarantee whole home WiFi? 
Mesh routers offer a simple solution. These devices allow you to combine two, three, or even more routers into a single network to blanket your home with WiFi. Over time, they have grown more and more popular. Although mesh networks are great, they all have one major limitation.
All the mesh routers have to come from the same company. Meaning, if you already chose a line of routers, you’d be stuck either continuing with that brand or replacing everything for a new system.
Fortunately, this is about to change. The WiFi Alliance, which oversees WiFi standards, introduced a new standard called EasyMesh. The new setup allows router manufacturers to produce mesh routers that work across company lines. 
As long as any two routers support EasyMesh, you can put them in the same network.
What is EasyMesh?
EasyMesh is a standard certification launched by the WiFi Alliance, which brings a standards-based approach to multiple AP networks. It is a basic standard that defines the protocol for the interconnectivity between different APs. The latest version is EasyMesh R2.
WiFi EasyMesh networks use a common standard that allows devices from multiple vendors to be onboard, configured, and able to communicate with each other. This brings flexibility, enabling devices from different vendors to work together to increase capacity and effective throughput by forming a smart and adaptable network. Not to mention, these networks are easy to set up and maintain. All can be self-organized to provide consistent coverage anywhere in a home, office, or outdoor space.
There are three different components in a mesh WiFi network:
Controller: Every EasyMesh network must have one. All agents are connected to it (including through indirect connections). It’s either a unique device or embedded in a device that also has other functionality.
Agents: For a mesh network to exist, at least two agents must be connected to the controller.
Device: Any component of a mesh network, which can contain a controller, an agent, or both.
The controller is almost always embedded in the router or other wireless access point. Although, it can be completely separate from the rest of the mesh network. Only one can act as the actual controller when several devices in a network contain controller functionality.
                                                                                  EasyMesh topology
Mechanisms used by WiFi EasyMesh to provide a smart, self-adapting network include:
Onboarding, discovery, and configuration: New WiFi EasyMesh AP devices auto-connect and establish the controller or agent.
Channel and network management: WiFi EasyMesh controllers collect preference data such as channel preferences of WiFi EasyMesh agents to effectively manage the network.
Capability and metric reporting: The controller understands the capabilities of all agents, because each agent reports its own capabilities, such as throughput, signal strength, and the number of available radios.
Link optimization: EasyMesh supports multiple connection types, including WiFi and Ethernet. The controller can also optimize the data path according to network conditions.
How can we get products that support EasyMesh?
All EasyMesh devices are mesh devices, but not all mesh WiFi devices support EasyMesh. Although there are already many whole home WiFi products that support multiple access points, as well as software and analysis systems that tie them together, they must still come from the same manufacturer. That leaves us with a limited number of devices that support EasyMesh today. You can find compatible devices at https://www.wi-fi.org/ . 
TP-Link is committed to the development of EasyMesh products and has launched the HC220 series of products that support EasyMesh. 
HC220-G5: https://service-provider.tp-link.com/home-wifi-system/hc220-g5/

More EasyMesh compatible WiFi 6 products will be available soon.
HX220-G5: https://service-provider.tp-link.com/home-wifi-system/hx220-g5/
HX223-G1: https://service-provider.tp-link.com/home-wifi-system/hx223-g1/


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