TP-Link® in 2016: Selling 5 Products Every Second

    SHENZHEN, China — Aug. 14, 2017  TP-Link®, a leading provider of consumer and business networking products, consistently ranked as the No. 1 global provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices according to analyst firm IDC (latest report Q1 2017).

    Over the course of 2016, TP-Link sold some 161 million products — an average of 5.1 each second. The total annual sales revenues hit the $2.1 billion mark, continuing a trend of steady year-on-year growth. In the global WLAN market, unit shipments reached 82 million, up 11.2 percent on 2015.

    “Looking back on 2016, our company has made great achievements”, said Andy Chen, Director of International Business. “The year 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of our company, and a new beginning for us.”

    TP-Link continued to develop a growing portfolio of products in 2016, aiming meet the networking needs of customers in over 170 countries. Advanced, innovative technologies were utilized, often for the first time. TP-Link unveiled world’s first 802.11ad router, the Talon AD7200 multi-band Wi-Fi router. This was followed by the new TL-WPA8630 KIT AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender, the world’s first AC1200 range extender featuring HomePlug AV2 powerline technology.

    Besides maintaining a dominant lead in the global WLAN market, 2016 saw TP-Link make a splash in the smartphone and smart home markets. In January 2016 TP-Link entered the smartphone market with the launch of the Neffos smartphone brand. 2016 was also "a remarkable year” for TP-Link’s smart home products, according to Kevin Wu of the Smart Home Business Unit. "Our smart plug has been the best seller on Amazon US, and our Kasa app has a rating of 4.5+ stars in the app store — the highest among all smart home apps."

    2016 will go down as the year TP-Link launched its new brand and visual identity, reflecting a shift in focus from professional and technical to consumer-oriented. “We haven’t just updated our aesthetic, but our entire concept, direction and goal,” the design team at TP-Link explained. “We want to get closer to our customers as we provide reliably smart products and service for a life that’s more connected than ever before.”

    “Over the past 20 years, TP-Link’s R&D team has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our tens of millions of customers. Now, we’re embarking on a new journey to meet the needs of today’s connected lifestyles,” said Jeffrey Chao, Chairman and President of TP-Link.

    TP-Link’s mission today is to provide customers with the technology they need to create a lifestyle that’s simple, smart and connected.


    About TP-Link

    Founded in 1996, TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories, involved in all aspects of everyday life. The company is consistently ranked by analyst firm IDC as the No. 1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices*, supplying distribution to more than 170 countries and serving hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

    With a proven heritage of stability, performance and value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of products that meet the networking needs of all individuals. Now, as the connected lifestyle continues to evolve, the company is expanding today to exceed the demands of tomorrow.


    *According to latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q1 2017 Final Release.

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