Single USB2.0 Port MFP and Storage Server

  • Great Compatibility: Compatible with the majority of USB devices on the market
  • Easy to use: Ease setup with Installation Wizard simply by several clicks
  • Expandable application: Share up to 4 USB devices by connecting to a USB hub

What This Product Does

The TP-LNK MFP and Storage Server TL-PS310U is ideal for sharing USB connected devices across a home or office network. The device is compatible with the majority of printers and multi-function printers on the market and allows for seamless sharing and management of those devices with network connected computers. The device is also capable of operating with up to four USB based devices such as scanners, flash drives, speakers, and webcams with a USB dock connected to the server. These devices may be accessed from across the network and even wirelessly when the Server is connected to a wireless router.

Great Compatibility

The TL-PS310U is compatible with the majority of MFP and otherUSB devices on the market. Tested with over 200 different printer models, our TL-PS310U offers class-leading device compatibility. You will find that the TL-PS310U is an excellent choice for your home or office printing requirements.

Easier Configuration with Higher Efficiency

The totally new interface provides a much easy and intuitive way to operate your print server. You can easily manage and configure our TL-PS310U through the interface even you are a novice user. Turn it on and Leave it alone. With the Auto-Connect function, you can just turn on your Utility and choose the "Connect Automatically for Printing" function and the TL-PS310U will finish the printing job for you. It will automatically connect to your printer and will deal any printing jobs on hand leaving you with time to grab a coffee.

WINDOWS 7 Supported

With the upgrade of the firmware and the new Utility, TL-PS310U now can work perfectly on the WINDOWS 7 operating system. Through the new Utility, you can easily manage the printer and other USB device while working on WINDOWS 7.

Interfaz Puerto USB 2.0
Puerto RJ-45 Fast Ethernet
Consumo de Potencia 5V DC, 2A
Indicador de LED 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, USB
Dimensiones 56 x 52 x 23mm
Gestión Administración vía web
Protocolos TCP/IP,(USB virtual remoto),LPR/LPD
Características Avanzadas Cliente DHCP, POST(Power On Self Test, auto prueba de encendido),
Firmware actualizable, utilidad para Windows
Contenido del Paquete Servidor de impresión
Cable Ethernet (RJ45),
CD de utilidades
Guía rápida de instalación
Fuente de Alimentación
Requisitos del sistema Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Factores Ambientales Temperatura de funcionamiento: 0℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)
Temperatura de almacenamiento: -5℃~65℃ (23℉~139℉)
Humedad de funcionamiento: 0%~70% sin condensación
Humedad de almacenamiento: 0%~80% sin condensación
  • Very Good
    TL-PS310U receives Very Good Award from PCgo in DE.
    2012, Germany

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