Wi-Fi routers Archer AX50 and AX3000 experiencing unstable connection with Samsung S10 or Note10 series phone

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Recently, we received some feedback on Archer AX50/AX3000, some customers using Samsung S10/Note10 series smart phone have experienced unstable Wi-Fi network problem. After testing the problem several times in our lab, we have found that the problem is related to firmware update on Samsung S10/Note10 series smart phone, Samsung S10/Note10 series phone has the option to update the Android 10 firmware, like Samsung S10/Note 10. There are some compatibility issues between the changes to the 802.11ax technology used in the Android 10 firmware and our Archer AX50/AX3000.

We promptly released beta firmware to address this issue, please see below for the firmware version that applies to the model of your device.

Note: Please click the link that applies to the model of your device. Once you click the link, follow the instructions on the page to install the most recent firmware for your router.

Archer AX50 Hardware Version US/EU/JP V1: Click here

Archer AX3000 Hardware Version US V1: Click here

Archer AX50 Hardware Version AU V1: Click here


You can get more details about how to update firmware manually from below FAQ:

How to Upgrade the Firmware on the TP-Link Wi-Fi Routers (New Logo)?

We will release a new official firmware to solve the problem as soon as possible, please pay attention to our official website. TP-Link also recommends that customers regularly visit our support site and check for firmware updates to ensure the best performance.

*Note:  If the firmware listed above has any problem, please contact TP-Link Customer Support.

If your Samsung S10/Note10 series phone can’t reach full upload speed after updating Android 10, please click here for some further help.

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