Notice of Fraudulent and non-TP-Link Affiliated Websites

Security Advisory
Ενημερομένα06-04-2018 02:06:31 AM 37956

TP-Link is aware of the existence of fraudulent and non-affiliated websites. These sites are claiming to be, or work for, TP-Link.  Please beware TP-Link does not affiliate or endorse any of these websites.  Please use the following to tell if you are working with TP-Link:


  • Remote Access to your computer

TP-Link provides phone, chat and email support. During typical troubleshooting we will not ask you to provide remote access to your personal or network equipment. 

*Note:  SMB support does provide limited remote access in some cases

  • Charge for our technical support

TP-Link does not charge for our support services. At no time should an agent ever ask for a payment for support or services. Our RMA process does require a credit card for return purposes, but no TP-Link agent will have access to this number at any time.

  • Device access

All of our products with a user interface, have a device access website printed on the bottom label. This site is not a public website and can only be accessed by the customer on their local network. If you get results on a web search for this printed site, they are not TP-Link.

  • Official Website

TP-Link’s official website is

  • Support Contact phone number

The official contact number for TP-Link Support is 866-225-8139


Finally, if you ever have any concerns about who you are working with, we recommend you stop and contact us to verify. 

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