How to Configure the Client Mode on the TL-MR3020 and TL-MR3040

User Application Requirement
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Definition: The TL-MR3020/MR3040 is connected to another device via Ethernet cord and acts as a wireless adaptor to send/receive the wireless signal from your wireless network. 
Application: For a Smart TV, Media Player, or game console with an Ethernet port. Use the TL-MR3020/MR3040 to make your devices Wi-Fi enabled, granting them access to your wireless network.
Access web interface
 Please refer to this FAQ to log into the web interface of TL-MR3020.
 Please refer to this FAQ to log into the web interface of TL-MR3040.
Switch the mode to Travel Router (AP) Mode, run Quick Setup
Go to Quick Setup-> Click Next
Select Client-> Click Next
Click Survey
Locate your router network name under the SSID column -> Click Connect
Security Settings: (Please match Security Settings with your existing router)
Please refer to Original Equipment Manufacturer for details
Password:  (Please match Security Password with your existing router)
Click: Next
ClickReboot, and wait until it goes to 100% percent.
Relocate the TL-MR3020/MR3040
You may now connect the TL-MR3020/MR3040 directly into your Media Device, Game Console, Smart TV, Desktop Computer, or other devices that utilize an Ethernet port.
Congratulations! Your wired device is Wi-Fi enabled. It can connect to your wireless network without the Ethernet core.
Computer Setup Reversion
After the configuration, we need change the TCP/IP settings back on the computer. 
Please refer to the last section of this FAQ for TL-MR3020.
Please refer to the last section of this FAQ for TL-MR3040. 
If it doesn't work, please feel free to contact us(

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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