Long-Distance PtMP & PtP Wi-Fi Transmission, Perfect for Multiple Scenarios

Omada Professional Outdoor Wireless Bridge Solution

  • Up to 3.1 Miles Range

    Up to 3.1 Miles Range

    Ideal for setting up Wi-Fi in remote locations, using EAP215-Bridge or EAP115-Bridge.

  • Up to 70° Beamwidth for Wider Deployment

    Up to 70° Beamwidth for Wider Deployment

    One central AP covers more distributed APs and cameras, eliminating the need for multiple central APs.

    *EAP211-Bridge: 70° x 70° beamwidth; EAP215 & EAP115: 35° x 35°

  • Three Ports for More Devices

    Three Ports for More Devices

    Connect more cameras and devices without an extra switch.

  • IP65 Weatherproof for Outdoor Use

    IP65 Weatherproof for Outdoor Use

    Durable performance with IP65 rating and operating range of -40 °F to 158 °F.

  • Standalone or Omada SDN Mode

    Standalone or Omada SDN Mode

    Flexible dual modes for batch deployment and remote management via the Omada app or Web UI. e.

Point-to-Point (PtP) Network Expansion or Remote Camera Monitoring

Outdoor PtP (Point-to-Point) Wi-Fi Connection

  • Extend Wi-Fi to Additional Buildings

    Extend your home network or Wi-Fi to your shop, barn, garage, farm, storehouse, guesthouse, or RV.

  • Extend Wi-Fi to Additional Offices

    Provide 550Mbps bandwidth within a 328ft (100m) range using the EAP215-Bridge KIT or EAP211-Bridge KIT.*

  • Elevator PtP Wi-Fi for Surveillance

    Record real-time video to an NVR with virtually no hardwiring required

*Tested in an open area without obstacles on a sunny day. Actual range and throughput depend on the transmission power and environmental factors such as wireless interference, obstacles, weather, etc.

Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Connections with Higher Beamwidth for Distributed Cameras

Outdoor PtMP (Point-to-Multipoint) Wi-Fi for Surveillance

  • Parking Lots

    Wirelessly connect cameras to
    reduce crime and accidents

  • Farms / Orchards

    Wirelessly connect cameras to protect
    your property

  • Construction Sites

    Rapidly deploy wireless networks to remotely monitor construction progress in real time or manage logistics.

Easy Setup and Installation

  • Auto- Pairing

    Auto-Pairing to
    Reduce Setup Time*

    *Auto pairing works for the original kit. Three or more bridge kits require manual setup.

  • Signal Strength LEDs

    LED Signal Indicator
    for Easy Alignment

  • Pole/Wall Mount for Easy Install

    **Pole mounting accessories are included, while the bracket for wall mounting and pole mounting requires purchase separately.

  • Standalone Mode

    Simple Setup for Individual Scenarios

    1. Power on both bridges and connect one to the network via cable to make it the main bridge. 2. Set up the main bridge using the Omada App or Web UI, then configure the sub-bridge step by step. 3. Deploy the sub-bridge at the remote location, align it using the signal LED, and optimize with the app if needed.
  • Works with Omada SDN

    Faster Batch Deployment and Remote Management

    Omada bridges integrate with Omada SDN for centralized management and remote access, enabling faster batch deployment of multiple bridge pairs, using batch provisioning. *Omada SDN centralized and remote management requires the use of Omada SDN controller. Batch Provisioning Centralized and Remote Management

Designed for Outdoors

IP65 Weatherproof 6kV Lightning Protection -40 °F-158 °F Working Range Wind

Dedicated Hardware Design

Outdoor Ready

· IP65 Weatherproof

· 6kV Lightning

· Wind Resistant

· -40~70 °C Operating Temperature

Stable HD Video Transmission on 5 GHz

· EAP215-Bridge &   EAP211-Bridge: 867 Mbps

· EAP115-Bridge: 300 Mbps

224 mm

60 mm

Pole Mount

Signal Strength LEDs


System LED

Waterproof Cover

79 mm

Reset Button

Grounding Terminal

Passive PoE In

(Power adapter included in the box)

12V DC

3× Shielded Ethernet LAN Ports

EAP215-Bridge & EAP211-Bridge: Gigabit EAP115-Bridge: 10/100Mbps

NDAA Compliant


EAP215-Bridge KIT

EAP215-Bridge KIT

EAP211-Bridge KIT

EAP211-Bridge KIT

EAP115-Bridge KIT

EAP115-Bridge KIT



5 GHz


Max Wireless Speed*

AC867 Mbps

AC867 Mbps

N300 Mbps

Max Transmission Distance*

3.1 mi / 5 km

0.62 mi / 1 km

3.1 mi / 5 km

Beamwidth (Vertical × Horizontal)




Antenna Gain

11.0 dBi

7.0 dBi

11.0 dBi

Ethernet Ports

3× Gigabit

3× Gigabit

3× 10/100 Mbps

Power Supply Method

12V DC / 24V Passive PoE (Passive PoE adapter included in the box)


Pole Mounting (Accessories included)
Wall Mounting (Optional)

Weatherproof Enclosure


Operating Temperature

-40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉)

Lightning Protection

6 kV (the access point and the included power adapter)

Wind Resistance

Centralized Cloud Management

Omada App; Omada Cloud Web UI

Standalone Management

Omada App; Local Management Web UI

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