Vulnerability Update: Addressing Archer C6/A6 V3 Performance Issues of Abnormal Upload Traffic

Security Advisory
Updated 08-30-2023 03:41:21 AM 3457
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We've recently heard from our Archer C6/A6 V3 users about unexpected latency and upload traffic issues. Our investigation revealed that these devices were compromised through an unauthenticated command injection vulnerability (CVE-2023-1389).

To rectify this, we've released firmware 1.0.16 Build 20230828 to fix the vulnerability:

For Archer C6 V3:

For Archer A6 V3:

We urge all Archer C6/A6 V3 users to upgrade immediately if your device is compromised or you are concerned that your device may be affected. If issues persist or similar issues exist after upgrading to the latest firmware, please contact TP-Link for help.

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