How to configure the TP-Link Smart Bulbs/Plugs/Switches on the Deco App

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Updated 06-24-2022 06:22:21 AM 3036
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Since firmware 1.6.0 or later versions, we have added the feature to configure the TP-Link Smart Bulbs/Plugs/Switches directly through the Deco app.

Here we take the Deco M5 as an example, and below are the detailed configuration steps.
Note: Please make sure your Deco app is updated to the latest version as well.

Step 1. Connect your phone to the Deco’s Wi-Fi, open the Deco app, tap the “+” icon at the right top corner, and then click on Smart Devices.

Step 2. Tap TP-Link and then select the smart devices you want to configure.

Here we take the HS100 as an example.

Step 3. Power on the HS100 and wait for the Wi-Fi light to start blinking orange and green, then go Next.

Step 4. Go to the Settings>Wi-Fi page on your phone to connect it to the smart plug HS100’s default SSID, then go back to the Deco app and click on “I’m already connected”.

Step 5. Deco will look for the smart device, and the smart device will connect to the Deco Wi-Fi network. Once the smart device is connected, deco will discover it on the Deco app.

Step 6. Choose a location for the smart device, and change the name of the device if you want, then click on Done to finish the configuration process.

Then you will see and manage the smart device under the Smart Tab on the Overview page.

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