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Q1Is Deco protected against KRACK?

Yes, by ensuring your Deco is on its latest firmware you ensure you are protected against the WPA2 security vulnerability known as KRACK.

Q2: Can multiple accounts manage a Deco network at the same time?

Currently, a Deco network can be controlled by owner or by a manager account. Only one account can manage a Deco network at a time. If a new management account attempts to log in the other account will be kicked out. This is to ensure network stability and security.

Q3: How do I set up and manage my Deco network?

A Phone or Tablet. Both iOS (11.0 or above ) and Android (5.0 or above) devices are supported. They must support Bluetooth 4.0 or a later version as well.

Note: The required or minimum OS version will be updated in line with future app updates. We recommend periodically checking for the most up-to-date information on Google Play or App Store regarding the OS requirements needed to run Deco App

Q4: Can Deco replace my modem or router?

Yes, Deco is designed to replace most home routers. However, you will still need a modem/ONT, compatible with your ISP’s service.

Q5: Can I use Deco along with my current ISP?

Yes, a modem or ONT for your ISP’s service will be required.

Note: Deco support 5 connection types PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPTP, and L2TP.

Q6Why does TP-Link require my email address?

TP-Link apps and services require the creation of a TP-Link ID account. This account allows:

  • Device access
  • Remote access
  • Linking with 3rd party services, like Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Online updates.

Q7: Can I enable both online activity and device QoS at the same time? Which one has a higher priority?

All Deco models support Device QOS, some also support activity QOS. In situations where both are enabled and there is a conflict Activity QOS takes priority.

Q8: Can I connect my device to Deco?

Deco, like most routers, can work with both wired and wireless client devices.

Q9: Can I manage my Deco network remotely?

Yes, After setup as long as the Deco remains online, you may access it from any network connection through the Deco App

Q10: Does Deco support MU-MIMO?

Yes, support varies by model. Please refer to your Deco’s user guide for specifics for your model.

Q11: Can I set limits on the time my children spend online?

Yes. Deco’s parental controls allow you to set usage time limits and no access bedtimes.

Q12: How do I filter online content for my children?

Parental Controls allow you to group children’s devices into different filter levels determined by age: Child, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult. Categories that are inappropriate for the corresponding age group are blocked. You can also select additional categories to block for each age group, and block specific websites and apps you don’t want children to have access to on their devices.

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