How to use the Automation function in the Deco app

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Updated 06-27-2022 07:43:54 AM 18037
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NOTE: For the models of Deco which still do not support Smart Actions, the update of their firmware will be released in the future. Please keep an eye on the Deco APP.

Assume that I need my Smart Color Bub to turn red to alert me if my Smart Door Lock doesn’t close normally, how to achieve it? Automation function. With the Automation function, you can create a chain between your home devices connected to Deco.

1. Open Deco APP and tap on SMART ACTIONS at the bottom menu. Then select the "Automation" tag and tap on "CREATE".

2. Set up effective time of the Automation, the effective time can be Any Time, Period Time, or Specific Time.

Select the day you want to repeat Automation settings.

3. Add the Trigger. For example, I want my iPhone to connect to the Deco network, and then my smart plug turns on, then I select Network Devices>select my iPhone>when the device is connected as a trigger.


  1. You can choose up to 3 Triggers and Actions.
  2. The “What’s your trigger about” page varies in different deco models.

4. Add the Action. For example, on the below page, the action is to turn on my HS100 for 1 minute after 1 minute later.

Note: The “What’s your action about” page varies in different deco models.

5. Name the Automation, click on Done, then the Automation created. You can change its settings in the Automation menu.

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