Adding an additional unit to your TP-Link Deco network

When You Set Up
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Here we use Deco P9 for example.

1. Tap [+] on the top right corner of the Deco app to add a new Deco unit.

You will see the following page when the main deco is other models such as Deco M5, P7, M9 Plus, X20, and X60, etc.


2. Select the Deco icon according to the model number of your Deco unit.

3. Select the layout that looks like your home, tap “Next”.

4. Power on the new Deco unit and wait for the LED to turn to pulsing blue, then tap “Deco’s LED is pulsing blue”.

NOTE: If the LED is not pulsing blue, please press the RESET button at the bottom of the unit for one second and then release it, the LED will turn to yellow. Just wait for about 2 minutes until the LED turn to pulsing blue and go on.

5. The main Deco is looking for the new Deco. In this process, please keep your phone connected to Deco’s Wi-Fi network.

6. Select a room identifier for the new Deco.

7. New Deco unit will then optimize its network settings.

8. Setup complete. You can now add another additional Deco unit or exit.


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