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Q1: What’s included in Deco’s Antivirus?

Deco’s Antivirus feature consists of three parts.

Malicious Content Filter: Blocks malicious websites that are listed in Trend Micro’s database to ensure you can safely surf the net.

Intrusion Prevention System: Protects your network against external attacks and eliminates vulnerabilities.

Infected Device Quarantine: This prevents infected devices from sending sensitive information or security threats to devices outside your network.

Q2: What can I do if the website is blocked by the Antivirus feature?

Please go to Antivirus > Malicious Content Filter page, add a website under the Allow List, and then it will not be blocked.

Q3. How to disable Deco’s Antivirus feature?

Launch the Deco app, go to HomeCare -> Antivirus. Then switch off the three options (Malicious Content Filter, Intrusion Prevention System, and Infected Device Quarantine).

Q4. How often does the Antivirus database update?

Normally Deco’s Antivirus database will be updated periodically. However, if there are new vulnerabilities or virus exposure, it will be updated ASAP. The Antivirus feature will update its database automatically if there is a newer version, you just need to make sure the main Deco unit is online. If your Deco’s Antivirus database is not updating itself, you may click the “Tap to Refresh” button at the bottom to make sure it is up to date.

*Database Maintenance Service is offered by TrendMicro, this article’s statements are only for reference.

Q5. Whether the Antivirus feature will have conflict with the firewall settings on your home?

Normally it won’t have conflict with the firewall.

Q6. Why is my device quarantined?

Sometimes you may find in your Messages that your device is being quarantined, this situation may occur when your device is sending sensitive information or security threats out of your network.

To find out the reason why the device is quarantined, please click the “>” button on the Message.

The Quarantine will only prevent infected devices from sending sensitive information or security threats to clients. But secure packets will still be sent out. In other words, it does not affect the normal use of the device itself.

Sometimes when you see the device quarantined, you may not want it to be quarantined. Then you can turn off the option Infected Device Quarantine in Antivirus.

Q7. What can I do if the Antivirus feature working for more than 3 years?

Please refer to the link.

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