How do I test speed of Deco?

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Updated 07-14-2022 08:48:52 AM 141639
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Part 1: For the Deco models that support the Test Internet Speed feature.

Tap the Test Internet Speed feature on the Deco app to check the internet speed that the main deco obtains from the front modem.


1. The speed test result shows the speed that the main deco gets from the modem, not the speed on the client connected to the deco.

2. The Test Internet Speed function is only available on Deco M5, Deco M1300, Deco P7, Deco M9 Plus, Deco W3600 V1/V1.2, Deco X20 V1/V1.2, Deco X25 V1, and Deco X60 V1/V2.

3. If you have multiple Deco models forming a mesh network together, the Test Internet Speed will only appear when the above Deco models are configured as the main Deco.

Here we use Deco M5 as an example.

Launch the Deco app, then go to More and tap on Test Internet Speed feature to test the speed that the main deco obtains from the modem. Please agree with the Privacy Policy of the Speedtest® if you want to test the speed since this feature is powered by Speedtest®.

If the speed result is slow, you can click on “Change Test Server” to select a different server and then click on Next to test speed again.

Part 2: For the Deco models that do not support the Test Internet Speed feature.

For these models, you can connect a computer to the main deco by an Ethernet cable and then go to or the Speedtest app to test the internet speed.

To get know more details about each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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