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WiFi 7

WiFi like never before

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Ceiling Mount

The slim design with high performance

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Wall Plate

Wall mounted for elegant installation

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Reliable WiFi in outdoors

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Outdoor Bridge

Easy PtP long-range wireless connections

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omada?

Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices providing 100% centralized cloud management to create a highly scalable network. Access points, switches, and routers are among the devices that can all be controlled from a single interface.

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Why should I get Omada Access Points?

Omada access points integrate into the Omada system to allow you to effortlessly manage hundreds of APs in the same way you manage an individual AP. Enterprise hardware, high-performance WiFi, and advanced software functions make the access points ideal for a wide range of applications in any professional environment.
Besides, Omada offers a more extended product warranty of up to 5 years (varying from region/country).* Superb pre- and after-sales services such as certification and training, localization support teams, and dedicated Omada support are provided. Vertical integration of supporting facilities ensures complete quality control and high-level manufacturing.

*A 5-year product warranty is applicable to Omada products in the US region. Certain outdoor products have a 2-year warranty. Go to for details.

Which AP is right for me?

Omada offers scenario-based access points for different kinds of environments. Try Omada Network Deployment Advisor to choose the right solution and access points for you.
Ceiling Mount Access Points: Mount to a ceiling or wall for wide WiFi coverage in an indoor environment.
Wall Plate Access Points: Install directly into a wall junction box for a seamless WiFi network in each room, ideal for hotels, dormitories, apartments, villas, and meeting rooms.
Outdoor Access Points: Weatherproof APs that can be mounted to outdoor walls or poles for outdoor WiFi coverage. Indoor long-range WiFi coverage is also applicable.
Outdoor Bridge: Serves as a network bridge without a wire, ideal for long-distance wireless transmission. .

How many APs do I need?

There are several factors to consider when deploying APs, including WiFi speeds, coverage areas, concurrent clients, walls and obstacles, and WiFi interference. We recommend our Omada WiFi Design Center to simulate the actual WiFi coverage to help choose the appropriate amount.

Frequently asked questions about Omada Mesh WiFi

Omada Mesh enables wireless connectivity between Omada access points for an extended range without additional cables, making wireless deployment more flexible and convenient. Go to the Omada Mesh product list to find the models. Go to the EAP Mesh page to find the frequently asked questions about Omada Mesh.

What is Fast Roaming and which Omada APs support?

Fast Roaming is a feature that allows your Wi-Fi clients to switch their connection from one AP to another quickly to get stronger Wi-Fi signal, improving your Wi-Fi experience, as well as optimizing the load of each AP by adjusting the number of clients connected to them. This allows sensitive applications like VoIP and video conferences to go uninterrupted. Currently, all Omada WiFi 7/6/5 ceiling mount APs, WiFi 6 wall plate APs, WiFi 6/5 outdoor APs support Fast Roaming.

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