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omada Omada Business Wi-Fi Allows for
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Get More Free Exposure on Social Platform

When the customers visit your business, connecting to the on-premise Wi-Fi network is one of the first things they do. With Facebook Wi-Fi, you can integrate an advertising opportunity with a Wi-Fi authentication method. Customers can easily connect to the internet using their Facebook or Instagram accounts, engaging with your business' social media presences.



    Facebook Wi-Fi allows your customers to log in to the WiFi with Instagram. It brings direct exposure and potential followers to your Instagram account.



    Connecting to your Wi-Fi by checking in on Facebook impresses customers and brings followers. Customers stay connected to the Wi-Fi by sharing the location in their profile.

Power Up Your Business with Omada Facebook Wi-Fi

Omada SDN (Software-Defined Networking) offers reliable business Wi-Fi with Facebook check-ins and Instagram follows. Power up your business with Omada business Wi-Fi.

  • One-Click Guest Wi-Fi

  • Get More Followers

  • Free Advertising

  • Business Insights

  • One-Click Guest Wi-Fi

  • One-Click Access to Your Wi-Fi

    Say goodbye to those troublesome Wi-Fi passwords. Customers can gain Wi-Fi access simply by checking in on your Facebook Business Page or following your Instagram profile. Businesses can customize connection length, while integrating their Facebook page and Instagram profile for increased user engagement.

  • Get More Followers

  • Increase Fans of Your Social Media Accounts

    Customers will be prompted to “like” your Facebook Business Page and Instagram profile. With increased fans, you can push promotions and conduct surveys, interacting with customers in real-time. It helps you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and convert casual visitors into loyal customers.

  • Free Advertising

  • Advertise Business with Zero Cost

    Customers can be redirected to browse your Facebook page or Instagram profile. You can display your promotions and branded content with almost zero cost. By checking in on your Facebook page, customers are telling their friends that “I am here!”. It’s free advertising that potentially increases your customer numbers.

  • Business Insights

  • Gain Deeper Insights Into the Visitors

    Facebook Wi-Fi provides business owners with valuable insights into your users through Facebook Wi-Fi.

How to Set Up Facebook Wi-Fi with Omada EAPs?

  • 01

    Prepare a Facebook Business Page

    For how to create a Facebook Business Page, refer to Create and Manage a Page > . You can also create an Instagram profile and connect it to your Facebook Business Page.

  • 02

    Configure an Omada Business Wi-Fi

    For how to set up a basic Wi-Fi network on Omada EAPs via Omada Controller, refer to Quick Start Guide for Omada Controller >.

  • 03

    Using Facebook or Instagram as the Authentication Type

    For how to configure the authentication for the Wi-Fi, refer to Facebook Wi-Fi Configuration Guide > .


  • Q1: Can I close Omada Controller after configuring Facebook Wi-Fi?

    No. Omada Controller should be kept running because Facebook Wi-Fi authentication is executed on Omada Controller. If Omada Controller is offline, newly connected customers will be unable to gain Wi-Fi access.

  • Q2: What should I do if I get “Fetching failed!” error when binding my Facebook Page with the Wi-Fi?

    You may fail to bind your Facebook Page with the Wi-Fi network and get a “Fetching failed!” error, as the following figure shows.

  • Try the following steps to solve the problems:
    1. Make sure your Facebook Page is published.

    Only published pages are available for Facebook Wi-Fi. On your Facebook Page, go to Settings > General > Page Visibility and select “Page published” to publish the page.

  • 2. Remove restrictions on your Facebook Page.

    Restrictions like country restrictions and age restrictions make your Facebook Page invisible to some people. Remove it. To remove country restrictions, go to Settings > General > Country Restrictions. Leave the input box blank and select “Hide this Page from viewers in these countries”. To remove age restrictions, go to Settings > General > Age Restrictions and select “Anyone (13+)”.

  • 3. Make sure your Facebook Page has a valid location.

    Go to Settings > Page Info and scroll down to Location to check if the Facebook Page has a valid address. If not, fill in the location, drag the map to reposition and click Save Changes.

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