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5 Reasons to Buy TP-Link’s Latest Omada 3-in-1 Gigabit VPN Router — ER7212PC

By Julie

Imagine your paper factory and office are in a small industrial zone, so you need a compact network to connect them. Perhaps you run a three-story department store, trying to cover every corner with WiFi. Or suppose your parents living next door want a flawless WiFi connection to stream Netflix, but they have no idea how to build the network for their villa. Whatever your case, Omada offers a single device that does it all.

As a 3-in-1 gigabit VPN router integrating the advantages of an Omada Gateway, PoE+ Switch, and Hardware Controller, TP-Link’s ER7212PC is versatile and keeps your network orderly and safe, especially for scenarios such as small offices, residential areas, small hotels, and restaurants. Let’s see why it fits the bill.

1. Optimal Hardware

Equipped with a professional dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU and 1 GB DDR3 memory, ER7212PC processes massive data packets in an instant.

ER7212PC also provides you great flexibility and performance with its 4 WAN ports: 1 Gigabit RJ45 WAN port, 1 Gigabit RJ45 WAN/LAN port, and 2 Gigabit SFP WAN/LAN ports which enable high speeds via optical signals. With its 8 PoE+ RJ45 LAN ports yielding a power supply of 110 W, economical and flexible network deployment is guaranteed.

Almost book-size with its 226 × 131 × 35 mm dimensions, ER7212PC is designed for desktop and wall mounting, thus ensuring an easy installation. Manufactured under industrial standards, the router is fanless, which means it’s noise-free and more durable.

2. Compact Topology

According to feedback from regional markets, users within small scenarios prefer a solution made up of the least amount of equipment possible. This has inspired us to launch ER7212PC.

ER7212PC provides a professional solution to connect and expand scalable networks, and centrally manage them via its Controller interface and the Omada app. By replacing a gateway, switch, and controller, ER7212PC contributes to a compact network topology that is cheaper, simpler, and smarter. If you want to cut costs for your network, ER7212PC is your answer.

3. Solid Protection

ER7212PC reliably protects your data. It has a solid firewall supporting IP-MAC Binding, Flood Defense, and Packet Anomaly Defense to block a wide range of attacks. Furthermore, the router’s ACL makes data leakage barely possible, as access to certain websites can be prohibited.

Thanks to ER7212PC’s IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, you can segment the intranet into uncommunicable virtual LANs to avoid viruses and broadcast storms. To achieve real-time communication, the router installs VLAN Interface to forward packets between different VLANs on a Layer 3 basis.

Link Backup is also available in ER7212PC, allowing you to assign WAN connections as the primary WAN and backup WAN. When the primary WAN fails, your router will automatically switch to the backup one, ensuring a stable network.

4. Reliable Assistant

ER7212PC offers an easy and intelligent way for you to operate and maintain your network. It allows you to adopt, configure, monitor, and upgrade your devices in batch, eliminating the hassle of watching over them one after another. As the following figure shows, you can view and configure all the connected devices by simply logging into the management interface of ER7212PC, or by using the Omada app.

The router’s different types of schedules assist you to automate operations such as rebooting, upgrading, and enabling PoE+ periodically. You can also check detailed logs through the router’s interface, and decide which alerts or events you want to receive email notifications from.

One of the highlights of ER7212PC is its VPN, a smart assistant for the workplace. You can customize different VPN policies (Site-to-Site or Client-to-Site) according to your needs. If you select Client-to-Site VPN, you can further choose the types of VPN Server and VPN Client, which are shown as follows:

Encrypting confidential data through IPSec VPN, the router creates a communication environment that is safe and productive. Additionally, its Client-to-Site VPN offers remote access to the intranet of your company, offering great convenience.

5. Enjoyable Surfing

With the ability of a wired router, PoE+ switch, and Hardware Controller, ER7212PC can centrally manage the EAPs that connect to it. As presented below, the router provides various types of portals for guests and local users of the EAP. Through the router’s Controller interface, you can not only enable Access Control but also realize advertising by presetting the portals’ page.

ER7212PC manages and monitors the EAPs in a centralized way, making the EAPs deliver an enjoyable WiFi experience. For example, by logging into ER7212PC’s management interface, you can configure Band Steering for your EAPs, so every IP in the preset network is steered between two bands, thus P2P applications won’t occupy too much bandwidth. To create a smooth network, you can configure the Connection Threshold to specify the maximum number of clients linked to the 5 GHz band, and set the Difference Threshold to specify the maximum difference between the number of clients on the 5 GHz band and 2.4 GHz band.

When working together, the EAPs can benefit users with mesh and Seamless Roaming (802.11k/v/r), and devices in the mesh network can be centrally managed via ER7212PC, whose user-friendly interface makes network operation and maintenance easier.

This article introduced the basic features and application scenario of TP-Link’s ER7212PC router and investigates why we recommend it. If you want to learn more about ER7212PC, please visit its overview page and TP-Link’s website of business networking.


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