Wireless Surveillance Solution

Safety and security are concerns that seem to grow ever stronger in our modern, ever-changing world. The size, complexity, and unique hazards of some areas can prevent security personnel from ensuring safety and protecting assets. Cameras and other devices help, but installing wired surveillance systems can be difficult and costly. Pharos Series devices use wireless technology to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for outdoor surveillance applications.

Wireless Surveillance Solution

An Ideal Guardian for the Things You Value Most

The Pharos Wireless Surveillance Solution makes it easy and convenient to monitor events at complex outdoor areas, such as construction sites, reservoirs, forests, etc. Pharos devices can provide Point-to-Point links or Point-to-Multi-Point coverage areas that match the specific demands of any application scenario.

Construction Site

Specifically Designed for Complex Environments

Specially designed hardware and weatherproof enclosures allow Pharos Series devices to provide comprehensive outdoor surveillance solutions for complex and hazardous environments. Now you can save time and money while taking control of your entire surveillance network from the comfort of your desktop.

Easy, Flexible Deployment

The integrated secondary Ethernet port features 24V PoE passthrough to provide power for an IP camera1. This allows Pharos CPEs and Base Stations to be combined easily with cameras to form fully functional units that can be used to monitor the areas in which they are installed.

Data transmission and PoE Power Supply for IP Camera


6KV Lightning Protection and
15KV ESD Protection


Temperature: -22°F~158°F
Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing


Weatherproof Enclosure
IP65 water and dust proof Certification2

QoS for Buffer-Free Audio and
Video Streams

Pharos devices improve QoS and provide low-latency transmission for video and voice data. Prioritizing video and voice streams guarantees
a satisfactory surveillance experience that is free from buffering.


Ensures Video/Audio data have
higher priority and lower latency

  •   Video/Audio
  •   Data
In Out

Centralized Management Platform
Easily Control All Devices

In complex remote environments, a centralized management platform is absolutely essential. Pharos Control allows you to control every device on the network from any connected PC. The platform makes management more convenient and does not require administrators to undergo any specialized training.

Pharos Control

Topology Overview

A Base Station, equipped with a sector antenna, serves as an access point (AP) at the central monitoring station. Distributed CPEs transfer the data streams, from the IP Cameras, back to the base station to build a comprehensive wireless surveillance system.

AP at the central monitoring station


TP-LINK Solution

Range recommendations for each device

Point to Multi-Point
Frequency AP Client Distance Coverage
2.4GHz WBS210 &
CPE210 3km 120° (6dB)
90° (3dB)
CPE220 5km
5GHz WBS510 &
CPE510 10km
CPE520 15km

CPE can also be used as AP, but the performance may not be as good as Base Station. The specific coverage can be found in the product specifications for each device.

1If the CPE/Base Station’s PoE port doesn’t match the IP camera’s power supply requirement, cameras can also be charged by other resources. Under this circumstance, PoE port works only for data transmission.

2Specific water and dust certification can be found in the product specifications for each device.