How to Install My Kasa Smart 3-Way Dimmer Switches (KS230 KIT V1)

When You Set Up
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You may refer to the video first.

*Note: Before installing the KS230 please remember that you will be working with your home’s electricity. This can be dangerous, so if you are not comfortable with basic electrical wiring do not attempt to install it. Contact a licensed electrician for assistance.

1. Prepare the Tools

You might need a voltage detector, a Philips head screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and pliers.

2. Turn Off Power

Turn off the circuit breaker for your lights.

3. Remove Wall Plates

Remove the wall plates of your two dumb switches and expose the wires. Use a voltage detector to confirm that all power is off for both wall boxes.

4. Take a Picture

Take a picture of the wiring in case you want to return to the old switches.

5. Identify Traveler Wires

The two Travelers wires are opposite each other with the same color screws. The remaining wire is Line/Load wire. Line wire is also known as Live or Hot wire. Line and load wires are located separately in two wall boxes.

6. Label the Traveler Wires in the Two Wall Boxes

Please do not cross traveler wires between the two wall boxes. For example, label the red wire as Traveler 1 for both wall boxes.

7. Label the Line and Load Wire Separately in the Two Wall Boxes

1) Only disconnect the Line and Load wires from the two dumb switches, then cover them with provided wire nuts for the sake of security.

2) Turn on the circuit breaker and use a voltage detector to identify the energized wire, which is the Line wire. This is wall box in which the main switch will be installed.

Note: Take care to avoid electric shocks.

3) Turn off the circuit breaker and label the Line wire.

4) Label the other wire in the other wall box as the Load wire.

8. Label the Neutral Wire in the Wall Box Where Line Wire Is Located

In the wall box where the Line wire is located, look for a bundle of white wires secured with a wire nut. They may be folded up in the very back. Apply the Neutral label to one of your neutral wires.

9. Label the Ground Wire in the Two Wall Boxes

Label the Ground wire of the two wall boxes, which is normally green or copper.

10. Connect the Wires to the New Switches

Disconnect all wires from the two dumb switches, and with the help of labels, connect them to the new switches as below.

Note: Do not cross traveler wires between the two wall boxes, i.e. connecting Traveler 1 to Traveler 1 and Traveler 2 to Traveler 2.

11. Double-Check the Wires

Check that all of the wires are correct. Give them a light tug while holding the wire nut to make sure they are secure.

Note: Incorrect wiring may damage the Kasa smart 3-way switches.

12. Install New Switches

Gently fold all of the wires back into the wall box and line up with the switch with the mounting holes. Secure it with screws. Repeat for both switches.

13. Turn On Power

Turn on the circuit breaker. Check your handiwork by turning your Smart Switches on and off a few times; your lights should turn on and off.

14. Attach the Wall Plates


If the Wi-Fi light blinks red rapidly, you may try the following troubleshooting:

To get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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