Lista de compatibilidade da plataforma Omada Cloud SDN

A plataforma Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) integra dispositivos de rede, incluindo access points, switches e gateways, fornecendo gerenciamento via nuvem 100% centralizado.

Note: Both listed and higher hardware versions of these models support Omada Cloud SDN, and can be centrally managed by Omada Hardware and Software Controllers.
Please go to Omada Cloud-Based Controller Compatibility List to confirm which models are compatible with Omada Cloud-Based Controller.


  • OC200 V1

    OC200 V1

    Hardware Controlador Omada

  • Omada Cloud-Based Controller V1

    Omada Cloud-Based Controller V1

    Omada Cloud-Based Controller

Access Points

  • EAP245 V3

    EAP245 V3

    AC1750 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point


  • TL-SG2210P V3.20

    TL-SG2210P V3.20

    JetStream 10-Portas Gigabit Smart Switch com 8-Portas PoE+

  • TL-SG2428P V1

    TL-SG2428P V1

    Switch Smart Gigabit com 24 Portas PoE+ e 4 Slots SFP Jetstream

  • TL-SG2210MP V1

    TL-SG2210MP V1

    Switch Smart Gigabit com 8 Portas PoE+ e 2 Slots SFP JetStream

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