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Tapo Care
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1. What is Tapo Care


Tapo Care is a paid service package launched by TP-Link for Tapo Camera video cloud storage. Suitable models are TC 60 1.0/2.0,TC70 1.0/2.0,C100 1.0/2.0, C200 1.0/2.0, C310 1.0/2.0,C110 1.0,C210 1.0,C320WS, and future models.

Supported Version:2.4.48.

For detailed information about the Tapo Care service,



2. Plan and Price of Tapo Care 



Basic Plan

Premium Plan




Tapo Care Basic 1 Cam/month: AUD$ 4.99 /NZD$ 5.99

Tapo Care Basic 2 Cam/month: AUD 8.99 /NZD$ 11.99

Tapo Care Basic 3 Cam/month: AUD 12.99 /NZD$16.99


Tapo Care Basic 1 Cam/year: AUD 48.99//NZD$ 59.99

Tapo Care Basic 2 Cam/year: AUD 87.99 /NZD$ 114.99

Tapo Care Basic 3 Cam/year: AUD 129.99 /NZD$ 169.99


Tapo Care Premium /Month

(Up to 10 Cam) : AUD 16.49//NZD$ 19.49


Tapo Care Premium /year

(Up to 10 Cam) : AUD 164.99 /NZD$ 194.99


Service items


30-Day Cloud Video History

Rich Notifications

Advanced AI Detection

Privacy Zone

Motion Tracking

For single camera


30-Day Cloud Video History

Rich Notifications

Advanced AI Detection

Privacy Zone

Motion Tracking

Up to 10 cameras



*The actual price will be converted according to the exchange rate and different tax rates in each region and adjusted by the iOS and android store. (What does this mean? The price can’t change/adjust again if we already have 2 different prices, or is this just not explained correctly? The asterisk is not relating to any previous text so it can be removed)

The price of Tapo Care on the Tapo Website may be different from the price of the Tapo in-app subscription

  • 30 Day Cloud Video History - With 30 days of video history, you can see every event captured by your camera over the past 30 days including the recorded video clip, a snapshot of the detected activity, and the time the activity was recorded. (Only for Event recording, not 24-hour recording)


  • Rich Notifications - Whenever your Tapo Cam detects a person, you’ll be alerted with a push notification featuring a snapshot of the detected activity, letting you decide [AC4] [SF5] if you need to respond now or later.


  • Advanced AI Detection - With baby crying and person detection, you will receive real-time alerts when your baby starts crying* or when people come into your camera's view**

    *Baby crying detection is only for indoor cameras like Tapo C200, Tapo C100, and so on.

    **Tapo Care is always getting smarter. More AI detection functions like pet detection, vehicle detection, and more are coming soon.


  • Block/Privacy Zone - Set customised block zones to keep certain spaces from being recorded, so you never need to worry about personal moments being leaked. Filter out any personal spaces, like your bed, and only record areas that require monitoring such as doorways and windows to ensure your privacy remains just that private. Currently, a camera can add up to 4 block areas


  • Motion Tracking Keep an eye on movement. This function allows your camera to track motion* so you can even follow your pet's every action when you're at work.

    *Only supports Tapo pan and tilt Wi-Fi cameras


3. Free trial

Every camera has a one-month free trial of Tapo Care. After the trial, customers need to subscribe to continue to enjoy Tapo Care Users can cancel the trial at any time during the trial period. After cancellation, the trial of the model cannot be resumed.

Users can subscribe during the trial period and the subscription will take effect immediately. The remaining trial days will be reserved for the customer.



Q1. What should I do if Tapo Care is not activated after payment?

Log out and log back into the app, or restart the app. Check if the paid Tapo Care service is activated.

If Tapo Care still doesn’t take effect after 24 hours, contact TP-Link technical support.


Q2. How can I turn off auto-renewal for Tapo Care?

  •   For Apple Pay: Turn off in iCloud payments. The path is: Settings > iTunes Store and App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Account Settings > Subscription.
  •   For Google Pay: Turn off Google Play's payment function. The path is: Play Store > Sidebar > Subscription.
  •   For PayPal or Credit Card: Visit tapo.tplinkcloud.com/tapo_web, log in with your TP-Link ID, and cancel the subscription.

Q3. How do I confirm that my Tapo Care has been activated successfully?

After paying for the service, launch the TP-Link Tapo app, go to the Live View page and check that the Cloud Videos section is available. You can now go to the Camera Settings page to enable Tapo Care premium features, such as Rich Notifications.


Q4. Can I get a refund if I cancel or terminate Tapo Care?

If Tapo Care is actively cancelled or terminated during the validity period, the subscription fee will not be refunded during the period. If you are a continuous subscription member, you can unsubscribe to Tapo Care and there will be no charge after your current billing cycle ends.


Q5. How can I check the validity period of my Tapo Care?

Your Tapo Care will automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle unless you choose to cancel the subscription. After the cancellation of Tapo Care, please check your current validity period in Me > Tapo Care of the Tapo app.


Q6. Can an Apple ID/Google ID subscribe to more than one Tapo Care plan for a device?

One Apple ID / Google ID can only subscribe to one Tapo Care plan. If you need to subscribe to more Premium plans, please visit tapo.tplinkcloud.com/tapo_web.


Q7. How can I transfer my subscription licenses to another Tapo device?

Open the TP-Link Tapo app, go to Me > Tapo Care, and tap on Select Camera on the subscription card to switch to another device.


Q8: How can I cancel the Tapo Care Free Trial?

On the Tapo app, Please go to Camera settings and toggle "Tapo Care Free Trial" to off.

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