How to connect Amazon Echo device to the HA100

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Updated 06-27-2022 05:59:51 AM 40402
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This article aims to introduce how to connect Amazon Echo device to HA100, the Bluetooth music receiver. After the Echo device is connected to HA100 via Bluetooth, you can stream audio from an Echo device to a speaker which is connected to HA100.

Before you begin:

· Make sure you have connected your speaker to HA100. Power up the HA100 and ensure you can see its Bluetooth signal on your phone.

(The default Bluetooth name of the HA100 is TP-LINK_Music)

· Set your Echo device and the speaker at least three feet apart. If the Echo device is too close to the speaker, it may be difficult for Alexa to hear the wake word and other requests.

· Make sure your Echo device is setup already on the Alexa app.

· Disconnect any other Bluetooth devices from your Echo device. An Echo device can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a given time.

Connect your Echo device to a HA100:

1. Open the Alexa app, tap Device on the bottom right corner, click on Echo&Alexa, and then click on your Echo device which will connect to the HA100.

2. Click on Bluetooth Devices.

3. Tap Pair a New Device.

4. Find the default Bluetooth name of the HA100, click on the name and wait for a moment, then you can see the Echo device is connected to the HA100.

On the HA100, the LED will change from solid white to solid blue.

5. If you want to disconnect HA100, just say "Alexa, Disconnect", or you can also disconnect manually on Alexa app, then your Echo device will disconnect with the HA100.

Now you can enjoy your Alexa music by voice control:

"Alexa, Play"

"Alexa, Pause"

"Alexa, Previous"

"Alexa, Next"

"Alexa, Stop"

"Alexa, Resume"

"Alexa, Restart"

"Alexa, Disconnect"

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