How to access my USB storage device via HTTP or HTTPS

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Step 1. Enable USB sharing

Enable USB sharing and authentication to the sharing account.

For the detailed setting, please refer to step1 to step5 of How to setup and use the FTP Server Function on your AC series VDSL/ADSL modem router?

Step 2. Enable the HTTP / HTTPS

Check the options of HTTP and HTTPS (via Internet) according to your need.


  1. Both http and https are “read only” when access to the USB device.
  2. Http can be only used on the LAN side and https can be only used on the WAN side.
  3. You need to enable http option before enable https access option.

Step 3.

After checking the option HTTP, USB devices can be accessed via http from your local work.

3.1 Open web browser.

3.2 Type the IP address in the address bar --- here we use Google Chrome browser as an example. Type in http://LAN IP address of the modem router: port number (such as

3.3 Press enter and type in your USB account to access to your USB device

Step 4.

After checking the option https, USB devices can be reached via https remotely.

4.1 Open web browser.

4.2 Type in the address and port number as https://WAN IP address of the router : port number(such as

4.3 Press enter and type in your USB account to access to your USB device


1. If there is an unsafety warning popping out when trying to access USB device via https like the picture below, click “advanced” then click “proceed to “.

2. If you have bind your WAN IP with specified domain via DDNS service, you can also type in https://domain name: port number (for example:

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