CES 2023 | TP-Link Empowers Enterprise Networking and Surveillance with Omada and VIGI

    SHENZHEN, China — Jan. 6th, 2023 — TP-Link, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, has unveiled today a wide range of enterprise-grade WiFi 7 and surveillance products at 2023 CES. With Omada and VIGI, TP-Link has always been committed to providing SMB and enterprise clients with reliable, safe, and AI-powered solutions that integrate networking and surveillance.


    TP-Link’s new WiFi 7 products will provide a more stable and reliable high-density network environment with best-in-class performance. Their innovative surveillance products will boast higher-level business security by providing powerful zoom capability and crystal-clear video.


    Omada, A New Path for Your Unique Business Network

    TP-Link Omada empowers high-density business networks with a one-stop integrated system, including Omada products, the Omada Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution, and abundant support resources.


    This year, TP-Link Omada debuted two brand-new enterprise-level WiFi 7 access points — Omada EAP780 and Omada EAP770.


    Break Through the Boundaries of Your Business: Omada EAP780

    Omada EAP780 is a future-proof tri-band WiFi 7 business access point armed with up to 22 Gbps speeds and two 10G PoE++ ports, ideal for use in densely populated environments with many devices. It’s designed specially to offer an all-around dead-spot-free wireless WiFi 7 network coverage.


    Demonstrating the latest integration achievements in WiFi 7 technology, Omada EAP780 brings high throughput to connect larger-scale users through the newly introduced 6 GHz band, 320 MHz bandwidth, and 4K-QAM. Multi-RU, Multi-Link Operation (MLO), and Preamble Puncturing improve data transmission efficiency, with little signal interference and no need to worry about buffering. Omada EAP780 also supports centralized management, mesh, and seamless roaming to empower your business growth with reliable and easy management.


    Stunning Performance, More Than Speed: Omada EAP770

    Omada EAP770 is a cutting-edge tri-band WiFi 7 business access point with speeds up to 11 Gbps. It's committed to providing clients with high-throughput, low-latency, and anti-interference networks to meet the high-reliability requirements of various business networks, whether in crowded cafés, auditoriums, or meeting rooms.


    Following the impressive performance of Omada access points, Omada EAP770 comes with a 10G PoE port and a wider 6 GHz band to unlock the full potential of WiFi 7. It boosts data throughput and reduces latency through advanced features, such as Multi-Link Operation (MLO) and Multi-RU.

    VIGI, Take Your Business Security to the Next Level

    The VIGI professional surveillance system by TP-Link is dedicated to protecting the business that you’ve worked hard to build—whenever, wherever. Intelligent functions, reliable quality guarantees, and world-class support work together in our one-stop solutions to ensure your business is safe and sound.


    This year, two brand-new and innovative VIGI network cameras will make their premiere at CES—VIGI C540V and VIGI C340S.


    See More with Less: VIGI C540V

    VIGI C540V is a 4MP outdoor full-color dual-lens varifocal pan tilt network camera. The top two features of VIGI C540V are its excellent zooming and reliable PT capability.


    A camera with a fixed lens can only cover a fixed scene. As a result, many details may be lost. But now, VIGI C540V will make a difference. By seamlessly switching between the long lens and short lens, it supports 3× zoom, allowing you to freely view the entire scene or capture far-off details. At the same time, zooming is instantaneous without suffering from lag and image dragging thanks to a unique TP-Link algorithm. Furthermore, since the zooming process doesn’t involve additional mechanical moving components, VIGI C540V is less likely to fail and tremble, even working in complex outdoor environments for a long time.


    Most common security cameras are restricted in their field of view nor can they rotate freely without the assistance of an installer. This means limited coverage and increased costs for several cameras deployed across multiple points. However, VIGI C540V will simplify everything. With powerful pan tilt capability, it enables you to enjoy greatly expanded video coverage, reduce security blind spots, and minimize installation efforts. More specifically, it offers 0° to 331.3° pan and 0° to 119.8° tilt for covering a full scene with just one single camera. You can also remotely adjust the rotation angle for areas of concern. This camera is an ideal choice for SMB application scenarios (like entrances, parking lots, and squares) that require comprehensive security coverage that has no “blind spots”, costs less, and installs easily.


    Night-Piercing Color Vision: VIGI C340S

    Most security issues happen at night. So, seeing every detail to ensure nightly safety is particularly critical. To capture clear images, traditional cameras are usually equipped with attached supplemental lights. However, this will lead to image noise and loss of detail.


    But now, VIGI C340S can easily provide vivid full-color images in ultra-low light conditions, thanks to large-aperture lenses, a high-sensitivity sensor, and an embedded ISP module. Specifically, the F1.0 super aperture captures 4.5× more light for the sensor. 1/1.8” large sensor maximizes the use of available light and generates images with 45% improved performance thanks to BSI technology. The embedded ISP module supports smart image-processing algorithms, automatically enhancing image quality. As a result, VIGI C340S can capture 24-hour high-quality and colorful video, even in 0.0005 lux conditions without any supplemental lights. It's no exaggeration to say that VIGI C340S can pierce the night, and record everything in fine detail.


    About TP-Link

    Founded in 1996, TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories involved in all aspects of everyday life. The company is consistently ranked by analyst firm IDC as the No. 1 provider of WiFi products***, supplying distribution to more than 170 countries and serving hundreds of billions of people worldwide.


    As one of the world’s leading companies in the networking industry, TP-Link has two decades of innovation. To realize our vision of making a superior digital life available to all, we’re combining the latest technology and know-how into products ideal for tomorrow’s businesses.

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    *These functions may be in development and may vary from displayed images and features.

    **Calculations based on laboratory testing. Actual performance may vary according to the environment and other variables

    ***According to the latest published IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q2, 2022 Final Release.

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