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How Can AI Guard Your Business Security?

By Annie

How Can AI Guard Your Business Security?



Are you often worried that you can't locate and deal with various abnormal situations immediately in your business, then suffer from unnecessary property damage? To solve this problem, you may have installed cameras to capture real-time details at the scene. However, the cameras you own may simply record what it sees but fail to understand what it sees. As a result, you still need to keep an eye on the screen all the time or spend time finding target footage.

But now, AI will make a difference. It equips your surveillance cameras with digital brains to match their eyes. So, your cameras not only can record what they see but also understand the captured video as well. Simply put, backed by AI chips and deep-learning algorithms, AI-powered cameras can wisely detect humans and vehicles of interest via real-time video content analysis, and deliver instant notifications to your mobile phone or PC. More than that, you will benefit from Smart Search based on target features and event type, then save hours on manual video reviews.

Let’s take a deeper look into what specific benefits VIGI AI-powered cameras bring and how they safeguard your business:

  • Loitering Detection: When you can spot potential security issues earlier, you can minimize their impact. VIGI AI-powered cameras detect whether a suspicious individual is loitering in an area for a period of time and provide advanced warnings for the event. This feature can efficiently prevent some potential security issues from happening in certain places (ATMs, checkouts, lobbies, etc.).
  • Line-Crossing Detection: Line-Crossing allows you to set a virtual boundary in restricted areas and receive alerts anytime a person crosses it from either or both directions. This works much better than normal motion detection that picks up movement only and keeps property damage to a minimum.
  • Object Removal/Abandoned Detection: Another bonus of AI-powered cameras you will love for your business security is object removal/abandoned detection. The camera will inform you as soon as someone removes or abandons a specific object. This is very helpful for business surveillance, like retail stores, to catch shoplifters or detect objects left such as baggage, purses, dangerous materials, and more.
  • Region Entering/Exiting Detection: You can freely set customized focused regions based on your special business monitoring needs like staff departure monitoring. You will receive instant notifications once the VIGI AI-powered cameras detect someone leaving or entering the regions. This way, VIGI AI-powered cameras can look out for your business security better.
  • Auto Tracking: For the first time ever, VIGI AI-powered cameras make it possible to track specified moving persons or vehicles and analyze the captured images intelligently. For example, if someone breaks into restricted areas, the VIGI AI-powered cameras will automatically pan and tilt to track the moving target and record real-time video. Now, you won’t miss any details.
  • Smart Search: Imagine spending an entire day searching out target footage frame by frame. It is so exhausting and potentially delays response to a valid alarm. However, Smart Search can easily solve these problems, allowing you to review and locate certain video clips by event, vehicle, person, time, and more, rather than searching through countless unnamed playbacks. This greatly improves event backtracking efficiency and labor costs.
  • ......

In short, AI-powered cameras can bring you much more than you can imagine! VIGI AI-powered cameras are dedicated to protecting your business surveillance with a smarter and more reliable approach.



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